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To be the one-stop solution for the farm economy.

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To create value for farmers and stakeholders by providing integrated agri-solutions to all farm needs.

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Our Brands

PPL believes in balanced fertilization in agriculture

Di - Ammonium Phosphate (DAP)

DAP is a granulated, high quality, water-soluble, complex mineral fertiliser containing primarily of 18% Ammoniacal Nitrogen by weight and 46% Phosphate by weight. DAP is suitable for all types of soils and can be used as a base fertiliser for all crops. DAP is a dry material used extensively for bulk blending and for direct application. Jai Kisaan – Navratna DAP 18:46:0 is sold in high quality HDPE bags of 50 kg.


Our Brands

NP-20 (Ammonium Phosphate Sulphate) Fertiliser

NPK Complex Fertiliser

NP -20 Fertiliser contains Ammonia, Phosphate and Sulphate in the ratio of 20:20:0:13. NP-20 is suitable for all types of soil. This fertiliser enhances the yield and quality of crops such as oil seeds, pulses, onions, soybean, garlic, sugarcane, paddy and cotton. NP-20 fertiliser is utilized for fertilizing the vegetables that require frequent application of fertilisers. Jai Kissan Navtratna NP -20 fertiliser is sold in high quality HDPE bags of 50 kg.


Our Brands

Muriate of Potash (MOP)

Potassium Chloride or Muriate of Potash (MOP, or Potash as generic) is red- white crystal containing 60.0 percent Potassium Oxide (K2O). MOP is one of the major plant nutrients, and is completely soluble in water and therefore readily available to the crops. It is imported by PPL through various ports of India and is sold in the marketing territories along with other complex fertilisers. Jai Kisaan Navtratna MOP fertiliser is sold in high quality HDPE bags of 50 kg.


Our Brands

Jai Kisaan Maha Zypmite, and Zypmite Plus

Soil Conditioners

To be able to grow, develop, and produce at their best, plants must have specific elements or compounds called plant essential micronutrients. Zypmite is a Soil Conditioner, with micronutrient mixture containing Sulphur, Zinc, Boron, Calcium and Magnesium. Zypmite helps in improving the soil fertility, increasing the intake of NPK fertilisers and improving the quality and of yield of crops.


Our Brands

Gypsum (Bulk)

Gypsum & Industrial Products

Bulk Gypsum finds its usage amongst cement units, plaster of Paris manufacturing units and fly ash brick manufacturing units. The demand for bulk gypsum is on the rise. Bulk Gypsum is distributed in every corner of the country, transported to customers by a network of rakes and trucks.


PPL for Farmers

PPL has an extensive outreach and connect with farmers and farmers producers organization (FPOs) through 'Serving Farmers Saving Farming' initiative across the sate of Odisha and adjacent states.


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  • 21 regional marketing offices

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  • 5,322 dealers

  • 72,925 retailers


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PPL is the Second largest manufacturer of Phosphatic fertilisers in India.

We have an established track record of delivering robust financial performance.